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01.03.2017 11:32 Age: 22 days

MVA update: Strong support to Copenhagens EMA candidacy

The Swedish-Danish board of Directors of Medicon Valley Alliance strongly supports Copenhagen´s EMA-candidacy and the efforts being made to by special envoy, former Novo CEO, Lars Rebien Sørensen, to promote Copenhagen and the Medicon Valley region, which is objectively the strongest Nordic candidate.

Medicon Valley Alliances Swedish and Danish board members have agreed to support Copenhagen as EMA candidate, but from a regional perspective. "Copenhagen is quite simply the strongest and most realistic Medicon Valley based candidate” Petter Hartman, CEO Medicon Valley Alliance, states.

Medicon Valley Alliance will among other things work to ensure that the documentation supporting the local candidacy is made available to relevant decisions-makers. As such the “State of Medicon Valley 2016- analysis” published in November last year can serve as a welcoming pool of knowledge and help to emphasize how Copenhagen is actually not just a Danish candidate, but a truly Nordic one. 

Among the members of the board are among others chairman, CVP, Søren Bregenholt, from Novo Nordisk A/S, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Gunilla-Westergren-Thorsson, from Lund University, Director Development, Mikael Stamming from Region Skåne, Director Director, Growth & Innovation, Tue David Bak, Region Zealand and Simon Feldbæk, LEO Pharma .



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