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07.10.2016 12:11 Age: 167 days

Biomarker AGORA is approaching – program update

The upcoming Biomarker AGORA has full house when it comes to exhibition booths – 76 companies and university projects will be displayed along with pitching sessions and two key-notes given by a Dutch and an American guest speaker respectively

Pagan Kennedy

Alain van Gool

Professor of Personalized Healthcare at Radboudumc in the Netherlands Alain van Gool, who will open the AGORA has a professional background which is mix of academia, pharmaceutical industry, applied research institutes and university medical centers in Europe, USA and Asia. He is professor Personalized Healthcare and applied biomarker scientist, and coordinates biomedical technology infrastructures on a local, national, and European level. Alain’s technical expertise resides most strongly in molecular profiling, analytical biomarker development, and applications in translational scientific research.

After lunch science writer and former New York Times Magazine Columnist, Pagan Kennedy, will take the floor. Pagan Kennedy is deeply interested in innovation and is author of 11 books and a number of articles published in dozens of magazines and newspapers. Pagan Kennedy has been an MIT Knight Science Journalism fellow and received several awards including a Smithsonian fellowship, a Massachusetts Book Prize honor in nonfiction, and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. In 2012, Pagan Kennedy was named design columnist for the New York Times Magazine. Her column, "Who Made That," detailed the origins of everything from the cubicle to the home pregnancy test.

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