Call: 2017 European Health Catapult contest - deadline 30 April 2017

EIT Health together with Health Axis Europe (HAE) is now seeking applications from suitable companies and individuals for its 2017 European Health Catapult Contest. [more]


Seminar on patient involvement in medical research

'Biomarkers as an emerging growth area' is a project with partners representing ICT, Pharma and users. The project held a conference on 2. March 2017 on patient involvement in medical research[more]


MVA update: Strong support to Copenhagens EMA candidacy

The Swedish-Danish board of Directors of Medicon Valley Alliance strongly supports Copenhagen´s EMA-candidacy and the efforts being made to by special envoy, former Novo CEO, Lars Rebien Sørensen, to promote Copenhagen and the Medicon Valley region, which is objectively the strongest Nordic candidate.[more]


EuropaBio recommends strengthening the policy environment for insuring the social and economic benefits of biotech SMEs in Europe

On 28 February, 2017, 400 participants, key industrial players, global trend shapers and high-level policy makers will inspire debate on the future of European industry in Brussels.[more]


Editorial: Oncology biomarkers on the agenda, when visiting Israel

Last fall Denmark opened the Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv. Israel is the country in the OECD, which invests most in research, innovation and entrepreneurship and this Innovation Centre plays along with the centres in other parts of the world an important role in the internationalisation of Danish research, education and business.[more]


Hearing: ‘On the way to a growth plan for Life Science’

The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif) and partners in the Life Science sector invite for a hearing on 3 April 2017 [more]


Strengthened public/private partnerships and efforts to attract EMA

The Danish pharmaceutical industry has a long history and its importance to the Danish well-fare system is reflected by the fact that this industry soon will be the largest provider of export income to the Danish Society.[more]


Biopeople to visit companies in the life science network

Biopeople strengthens the ties to the SME life science cluster stakeholders to identify development status and potential to possibly be part of Biopeople's initiatives[more]


Boost4Health: Four companies to receive a travel voucher for the participation at Bio-Europe Spring

With a very tight deadline Biopeople invited selected SME members to apply for a Boost4Health travel voucher of EUR 500 to go to Bio-Europe Spring in March 2017. The invited companies managed to apply within the deadline and we have granted travel vouchers to four companies which are Expres2ion, Meabco, Cytovac and Biosyntia[more]



An Analysis of Life Science in Greater Copenhagen from Medicon Valley Alliance[more]


Press release: Patient education and empowerment = better medicines and better health outcomes EUPATI moves forward!

EUPATI, the European Patients’ Academy, closes its first phase as a project of IMI to now become a programme under the aegis of the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). The European Patients’ Academy provides scientifically reliable and comprehensive information to patients and the general public on the medicines research and development process to enable their involvement. Just 5 years ago, EUPATI set out to educate patients across Europe in seven languages (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish) via various platforms, principally its website. [more]


Editorial: Using every opportunity to increase collaboration

A workshop on Companion Diagnostics in Copenhagen by the Danish Biomarker Network, MVA Oncology Network's second meeting in Lund, the Global Investor Forum in Maastricht by EIT Health, workshop on Patient’s Involvement in Medical Research by Biomarkers as an emerging growth area in Denmark, the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Copenhagen, and the Future of Oncology Biomarkers Round Trip and Conference i Tel Aviv. These are all events and activities where Biopeople is somehow involved – either as an organizer as part of our focus projects and/or as contributor[more]


Biopeople launched Boost4Health by offering travel vouchers and a sign-up discount at Bio-Europe Spring

Selected SME's have used the opportunity to get a sign-up discount and to apply for a travel reimbursement for attendance at the Bio-Europe Spring on 20-22 March 2017 in Barcelona [more]


Profile of Peter Olesen:Deeply engaged in the perspectives of the interaction between genome data and biomarkers

Peter Olesen has been in contact with the biomarker concept in various ways through his whole career. He is MSc in Botany and PhD in Plant Cell Biology from University of Copenhagen and for 25 years, he has held executive positions as head of R&D in four leading international companies in the food and health ingredients area. He is furthermore the founder and director of ActiFoods ApS, a company that offers advice and consultancy, knowledge sharing and project management, and information and communications about research, technologies, markets, trends, and needs across the Food & Health interface[more]


Pitch-connect-invest, and learn at the Global Investor Forum in February

The Global Investor Forum partners facilitate private capital match with promising investment-ready biomed projects, start-ups and global scale-ups. The aim is to create a powerful European/US network of the world’s leading biomed entrepreneurs, formal and informal investors, physician key-opinion leaders and innovation executives to enable the next step of European/US biomed ventures. The forum will focus on Regenerative Medicine, Life Sciences and Medical Devices[more]


Patents are tools for commercializing inventions

“Patenting may provide a source of income for future research. That is what a patent on great inventions can do," says Pernille Winding Gojkovic, CEO, partner and European Patent Attorney at Høiberg in Copenhagen[more]


Why patients' voices matter - documentary by EUPATI

Discover why patients’ voices matter by following David, Dimitrios, and Jan and how they have a voice in medicines R&D. How can EUPATI play a role to help patient advocates like David, Dimitrios, and Jan?[more]


Sundhedspolitisk tidsskrift har interviewet Lotte Klim, der står i spidsen for den danske EUPATI platform

Målet med EUPATIs indsats er at styrke patienter til at kunne indgå på lige fod med fagpersoner i diskussioner om prioritering, hvorfor det er nødvendigt, at patienterne også har forståelse for hele vurderingsgrundlaget udtaler Lotte vedr. patienters deltagelse i fx Medicinrådets fagudvalg[more]


Seminar on 2 March, 2017: How do we involve patients in medical research ...

... and what would that mean to research? Join the seminar on 2 March arranged by Brand Base, InfinIT and Biopeople and learn how patients may be involved in medical research and development: pros and cons and how to improve [more]


Jobopslag: Projektkoordinator inden for Life Science til Biopeople

Har du en lægemiddelfaglig, biomedicinsk eller sundhedsvidenskabelig baggrund med flair for projektledelse og innovation i virksomheder, så er det måske dig, vi søger?[more]


Attend the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Copenhagen

Nordic Precision Medicine Forum will bring together those at the very forefront of precision medicine from biologists, physicians and technology developers to data scientists, patient groups, governments and more. Join the forum in Copenhagen on 26 April 2017. Discount fee for Biopeople members[more]


Strengthening the ties in 2017

2016 has run out and 2017 has begun and we will use the opportunity to thank you for contact, collaboration, interaction and activities in 2016.[more]


Editorial: Welcome to a national strategy for personalized medicine

Right now before Christmas Denmark got a national strategy for personalized medicine. This is good news for a life science industry, which is working hard to maintain Denmark’s position as a country in the forefront when it comes to life science research and innovative medicine. [more]


Attending the 6th Munich Biomarker Conference

Our new colleague in Biopeople, Jakob Vestbo, joined the steering committee of the "Biomarkers as an emerging growth area" project when they went to the Annual Biomarker Conference in Munich - read his personal experience from attending this event[more]


Understanding how drugs actually work at the cellular level

ImmuMap Services is a new DTU start-up company, founded on 1 November 2016. The company provides immune assessment services, consultancy and training on a fee for service basis, as well as state-of-the-art high throughput MHC/peptide T-cell epitope mapping as contract research[more]

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