Our Services


We focus on setting up cross disciplinary activities, partnerships and to promote internationalisation. To reach these strategic goals, we use the following main categories of services: matchmaking, knowledge transfer and strategy development.

We are involved in numberous projects and project applications that help us achieving mutual goals.

Biopeople continually seeks to develop formats for bringing people together across disciplines to discuss and exploit new ideas and create new partnerships.

We believe that the personal meeting is essential and has solid experience hosting a number of different events - and meeting formats, from small workshops and matchmaking symposia to large conferences.

Across traditional "silo structures", we stimulate facility sharing, promote exchange of knowledge and people mobility, and enable public-private collaborations using precompetitive technologies. By these means we help reaching our common goals of innovation and growth in the health and life science arena.


We are engaged in themes of importance to industrial innovation, growth, and export:








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