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The key to innovation is knowledge sharing, dialogue, networking, matchmaking and internationalization

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Biopeople is Denmark’s Life Science Cluster, one out of 22 Danish  innovation clusters, partly financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 

Biopeople is a member organization, which is itself a member of European cluster organizations.

Biopeople’s members represent academic institutions, SME’s and larger companies broadly in Denmark including the Medicon Valley Region. Biopeople’s members are people, institutions and companies who all work in the engine room of innovation - in the university labs - as entrepreneurs or as a service provider to the innovative industry.

With links to international collaboration partners and clusters Biopeople facilitates and serves as an inspirational source for Danish innovation within several life science disciplines by offering new ways of meeting potential partners, new networks and new ways of networking as well as new ways of collaboration.

The framework for Biopeople’s facilitating activities are events, characterized by their networking and matchmaking elements combined with cross-disciplinary sharing of information and very often the opportunity of face-to-face meetings with Biopeople Staff, speakers and attendees of the meetings.

As a member of Biopeople you are supposed to ‘invest’ , listen and contribute to sharing of knowledge – this may eventually be beneficial to yourself and your institution, and maybe to the people you share information with, but there is a constant opportunity to extend your ‘bank of experience’ just by participating and getting and providing input.

Biopeople deals with issues and projects that are important to industrial innovation, growth, and export:









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